Meet Barb
Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones

Owner, Small Business Automation

What I Do

I work with small business owners who want to develop and manage their Infusionsoft application in-house.

My team does WordPress websites and iMember360  and Customer Hub membership sites.

I don’t know everything about Infusionsoft but I do know where to find it.

Experience Snapshot

20-plus years as a business owner

Certified by Infusionsoft since 2009

Many years of experience developing and managing technical training for adults

Extensive experience with internal work processes of all types of businesses


  • Strategy implementation
  • measurable goals
  • human-friendly processes
  • organizational politics
  • automation as the key to managing a happy personal life and a successful business

My clients get

a coach and advisor

who will:

 Suggest the most cost effective way to do what you want to do

Help you and your staff get your application up and going fast

Show you how to use Infusionsoft to streamline your work processes and reduce data errors

Help you create campaign content that generates leads from things you already have

Guide you through setting up a membership site, organizing the content, integrating it with Infusionsoft


save you from yourself (tactfully, of course)


A Video Greeting From Barb