How Can Small Business Automation Help You?

Small Business Automation helps small businesses streamline their structure and reduce time and money lost to inefficiency and human error.  Solutions that combine Infusionsoft, Memberium, and other software resources free staff to do what they do best and allow the business to grow.

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Memberium is a membership site software that closely integrates with Infusionsoft.  Solutions that combine Infusionsoft, Memberium, and other software resources free staff to do what they do best and allow your business to grow.

Small Business Automation works on all types of membership sites but we especially like helping small businesses use a membership site to train their staff.  Imagine if you could provide all new staff members with an identical, up-to-date orientation to your business.  Imagine if all employees could go to any digital device – computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone – to find correct information about your products, your business processes, what form to use and when to use it, anything at all related to your business.

Reduce data errors…speed up order processes…improve customer satisfaction…remove bottlenecks… 

Its not a fantasy – its Memberium

Need A Place to Start?



You Need : to control waste and errors that are holding back business growth

Our Solution:

  • Automate work processes so staff are working consistently toward company goals
  • Use automation to reduce data errors
  • Give all staff immediate universal access to accurate information on how your business does everything


25 Things Every Small Business Should Automate

Automate the Office?



You Need: to work less than 80 hours a week, see your family occasionally, and even have a life.

Our Solution:

  • Frees staff to do what they do best
  • Eliminates Bottlenecks (even if the bottleneck is you)
  • Provides always current customized reports (did you think email was the only thing you could check from the stands at your kid’s ballgame?)
  • Assurance that nothing falls between the cracks again
  • More effective collection methods
  • there is more, but I think you get the picture…

The Small Business Office Automation Guide


Memberium/Infusionsoft Help?



You Need: help with your Memberium/Infusionsoft Integration

Our Solution:

Help with:

  • Organizing content for your Memberiuim site
  • Memberium/Infusionsoft set up and integration
  • Staff training if you have never really had any
  • Getting your sales staff to use the software
  • “We can’t figure out the best way to … and it isn’t in the user guide”
  • Using Memberium/Infusionsoft to manage a professional group or networking group

“Automation + Strategy = Growth for any small business .”